About Us


We could start by giving a very not so personal paragraph of the basics like value for money, quality products, but this isn’t only what we are about, So here’s a little about us as a team.

We are a small team of seven each bringing our own little something to the business, firstly we have Michael Moriarty the owner and team leader: Michael is known far and wide as he has managed and owned Moriarty’s furniture store for over 20 years and prior to that has spent his working life in the furniture trade.  He prides his business on excellent customer service and knows just about everything there is to know about furniture, if you can’t find something he will bend over backwards to help make your vision a reality.

Then we have his Team, Mick, Donal, Dave, Mike, Claire & Eileen, a team that cares, a team that Mike has trained up over the years to help customers in any way they can, whether its calling to assist an elderly customer to move an item of furniture for them or dealing with a customer complaint, (after all your most unhappy customers are the greatest source of learning) our team are always there to help.  Conversations we regularly have with our customers are related to the word ‘’orthopaedic’’ a very common term used to describe a mattress.

Manufacturers sometimes tend to put an “Orthopaedic” sticker on a mattress to make it more saleable to customers. We would advise our customers that just because it has a sticker on it, it doesn’t make it any better than a similar mattress that doesn’t, what we would suggest if the customer is looking for an “orthopaedic mattress” is a firm mattress with good support, We never recommend or tell a customer our preference, what we will do is give the customer all the necessary details of the mattresses that suit their needs and let the customer decide which best suits them, this goes by what we stand for, a team is nothing without honesty.

Over the years we have built our reputation on the following, Value for money, Quality brand names, Extensive product knowledge, Customer service, Quality of product & Staff that genuinely care and we would like to think all our previous customer would stand by these points.

Now down to the finer details of the business. We stock a large range of products from sofas, Dining chairs & Tables, Accessories, Beds, Mattress, Bed Linen, Cushions, Throws and Lighting. Everything you will need to make a house a home.  We travel regularly to many different countries attending many of the large furniture trade shows to make sure we have the most up to date styles & designs that we can bring back to our store and to you, our customers.

For further details regarding our delivery service, Policy’s and more please see Customer service section at the bottom of the home page.

Whether you are popping in for a chat or looking for something particular we are always available to our customers, even though the doors may close at 6 we are always contactable via social media and our lights are never off there is always someone to assist with any question or emergencies.

Come and visit us today our doors are always open well between 9-6 that is!!!! If you cannot make it within normal hours, we will do our best to accommodate you with an out of hours appointment.


Moriartys of Killorglin